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Andrew Bowne was born about 1668 in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey. He was the son of James Bowne and Mary Stout. This is from Some Bowne Footprints in the Sands of time by Donald w. Bowne MD. It was found at the Monmouth County Historical Society.

His family had been early settlers in Gravesend at the western end of Long Island. When the Monmouth Patent became available in 1665, James and his brother, John Bowne and their father William Bowne were among those who put up the money to buy the land from the Nevesink Indians.

Andrew may have been born in Gravesend but one of the conditions of the Patent was that they shall "within the space of 3 years...settle there one hundred families ...." The official record of the deed dated Jan 25, 1665 is in the office of Secretary of State in Albany NY, Lib. 3, page 1. A copy is recorded in the Proprietor's office, Perth Amboy and in the office of the Secretary of State, Trenton. So by 1668 the Bowne family was in NJ.

Andrew wed Anna last name unknonw about 1700. Bowne Footprints states they had 2 sons.
1. Nehemiah Bowne born 1708
2. Peter Bowne born 1710, wed Deliverance Holmes. He died in 1773 in Lower Freehold

No daughters were named but it is possible that Avis Bowne was their daughter, born about 1707 and wed John Baird Jr.   John Baird Jr. died in 1747. His will stated that the co-executors were to be Avis, his wife and Peter Bowne.

Andrew Bowne died the same year that his son, Peter was born 1710. It is not known where he is buried. His widow remarried about 1712 to The Rev. John Bray.




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1. When was Andrew born?

2. When did he marry Anna Seabrook?

3. What are the names of all their children?

4. Where in Monmouth Ct. is Andrew buried?



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